Running for MNDA (Motor Neurone Disease Association)

My first encounter with Motor Neurone Disease was about twenty five years ago.  My Uncle Basil was a big man, he’d worked down the pit most of his life and had the build to show for it (the phrase you’re looking for is built like a brick sh*thouse).  As a kid I always thought he […]

One of the Saddest Days of My Life

Last Thursday, a week ago today was without a doubt one of the saddest days of my life as I said goodbye to a loyal and trusted friend.  Our 11 year old lab/collie cross Bailey had finally reached the point where any intervention would have been for our benefit not for his and it was […]

beautiful warm monochrome portrait

Contender for cutest baby portrait of the year?

Sometimes you get back from a shoot just itching to show off the images straight away.  That’s exactly how I felt after a trip up to Lancashire to make some beautful portraits of this young lady.  With the exception of a couple of sneak previews on my facebook page I had to resist the temptation until […]

Mother and Daughter portrait

Family photography with Gabby and Kayla

I did another joint shoot with friend and fellow photographer Sharah Smith last weekend, her friend Gabby brought her daughter along for some family photography.  The original plan was to create some gorgeous maternity portraits with Kayla talking to her soon-to-arrive little sister.  Unfortunately once Kayla found her way into the studio with all it’s interesting […]

portrait of photographer Sharah Smith

Portrait of a Photographer

If you’re a photographer, there’s something really uncomfortable about being in front of the lens instead of behind it. It’s one of the reasons many of us first picked up a camera in the first place.  If you’re behind the camera it’s a great way to avoid having your photograph taken. Nothing new there, but […]

Steampunk Portrait

There are people I know that have something about them that makes me really want to photograph them.  Project Manager Sue is one of those people.  I’ve known her for about eight years now and she has such a fabulous sense of style that I’ve been itching to make some images with her for a […]

Band Promo photograph for Manchester Blues Rock band Turrentine Jones

Shooting the Blues in Manchester

I’ve been working with Manchester based blues/rock band Turrentine Jones for almost a year now and they just keep getting better and better. If you haven’t had the chance to hear them yet check out their last single on the Soundcloud player below. I met up with the band in Manchester’s Northern Quarter to put together […]

Photograph of newborn babies feet

A New Arrival – a baby photographer at work

I think one of things I love about newborn photography, and to be honest being a baby photographer in general is that it’s such a  fun start to the day.  Let’s face it, when you’re less than two weeks old you don’t really care about much.  Your average newborn baby doesn’t care what the photographer […]

Help Needed, Do You Know This Couple?

A few months ago I left the safety of Cheshire, crossed the Pennines to Leeds and attended a portrait workshop with renowned photographer Annabel Williams. The day was a huge success and I left with some beautiful portraits that I’m really pleased with. Unfortunately I didn’t get contact details for Anna and David – the […]