A New Arrival – a baby photographer at work

I think one of things I love about newborn photography, and to be honest being a baby photographer in general is that it’s such a  fun start to the day.  Let’s face it, when you’re less than two weeks old you don’t really care about much.  Your average newborn baby doesn’t care what the photographer wants, isn’t interested in what the traffic is like and certainly isn’t bothered by the trail of milk they are dribbling down their chin.  A newborn babies thoughts arepretty much restricted to – “Am I tired?”, “Am I hungry?”, “Is my bum clean?” and when they’re awake – “What’s that?”.

There is no way to rush baby photography and there’s no point trying.

newborn portrait from baby photographer Mike Gatiss

A Baby Photography studio in your own home

When I’m creating newborn portraits I prefer to photograph the baby in their own home, that way there’s no added stress or pressure on Mum and Dad and baby is content because they feel safe.  I still remember trying to visit a friend for dinner and being over an hour and a half late because my darling month old daughter decided to wait until we had just sat in the car before emptying her stomach all down her front which meant we needed a clean blanket, clean baby grow and a clean shirt for me (yeah she had a good range).  As it was, our friends were very understanding but we were feeling pretty stressed and flustered by the time we got there and that’s never a good starting point for a portrait session.  Can you imagine how stressful it would have been if instead of heading to a friends for dinner we were trying to get to a baby photographer for a family portrait?  If Mum is happy then there’s a good chance baby will be too and that always makes for beautiful images.
I always try to arrange baby photography sessions to start in the morning rather than afternoons as little ones are generally in a better mood in the morning after a good feed and a snooze.

When I arrived the home was lovely and warm (very important when photographing babies) and big sister was on hand to make sure everything went smoothly. Naturally she had to check me out before letting me anywhere near her newborn baby brother and wanted her photograph taking first. Mum carefully brushed her beautiful hair and tied it up into two lovely bunches…

toddler portrait By family photographer Mike Gatiss

…she wasn’t too keen on the bunches herself so being the decisive young lady she already is, she got rid of them 😀

We then did created some images with her and her new brother, who she obviously adores.

Childrens Photography By Mike Gatiss

Then finally big sister had seen enough and decided it was okay for mum and dad to get in on the action

Family Photography By Mike Gatiss

It was a lovely morning and I can’t wait to go back and make some more images when the little fella’s skin is starting to fit properly

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