Steampunk Portrait

There are people I know that have something about them that makes me really want to photograph them.  Project Manager Sue is one of those people.  I’ve known her for about eight years now and she has such a fabulous sense of style that I’ve been itching to make some images with her for a long time.  Unfortunately she lives over 200 miles away from Cheshire and is generally incredibly busy so trying to arrange a shoot was never going to be easy.

But then she invited me to her birthday party in June and my plans started coming together I was going to be there anyway so why not do a quick shoot at the same time.  A quick email to see how busy she was going to be on the day and it was all sorted.

portrait of steampunk fan Sue

looking demure in natural light

Unfortunately the M6 Motorway decided that the two hours I’d allowed for the shoot was far too long so conspired to make sure I was over an hour late getting to the location for the shoot but hey, half an hour is long enough isn’t it?  Well it had to be as there was no way she was going to be late for own birthday party.

portrait of steampunk fan Sue

Happily there was some fabulous natural light flooding through the windows so lighting was easy and we made some great images in record time, then it was off to the party, but that’s another story altogether 🙂

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