Kids Portrait Photography

Your beautiful baby has developed their own personality and character and they amaze you every day with the person they are becoming.

As a parent you know that your child is growing up so fast, it’s important to capture what you can for you to enjoy now and for the both of you to enjoy looking back at when they are older.
You may have a photo of your childhood that transports you back to wonderful, happy memories which you look at now with a smile on your face – remembering who you were then, the fun you had and all of the opportunities that lay before you.
Children are so full of life and energy, the photos you will take away from a Kids’ Portrait Session with Mike Gatiss Photography will not only be amazing works of art, but they will capture the spirit and individuality of your little one – for one brief, but unforgettable moment in time.

What happens at a Kids Portrait Session?

You can come to our studio, meet us at a favourite location or we can come to you. Just choose the option where your little one can have the most fun and feel comfortable.
We spend a couple of hours making the portraits so there’s plenty of time for costume changes and feel free to bring along favourite toys or any other fun props you’d like to use. The Kids’ Portrait Session is all about capturing the individuality and personality of your little one so bring whatever it is that they will have fun with.

How long does a Kids Portrait Session last?

Generally a Kids Portrait Session lasts around two hours. As a dad I know that our darling children can play ball one minute then be a bit grumpy the next – we allow time for costume and mood changes and make sure we get the best out of the session.

How much does a Kids Portrait Session cost?

A standard two-hour session costs just £49 with prints available from £25 and canvases and framed products from £100.

What should my child wear to a Kids Portrait Session?

Whatever they feel comfortable in and shows off their individuality. If they love dressing up as Spiderman or a Disney Princess – we’ll do some photos of them in their favourite costumes. If you want to get Grandma and Grandad a print for Christmas then bring the festive jumper that they bought for your loved one – whatever works for you and your child. You could maybe give examples of good colours of clothes?

How do I book a Kids Portrait Session?

You can us a call on 07973 240188 or leave your details here and I’ll give you call.
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What happens if my child is not themselves on the day we’ve arranged the Kids Portrait Session?

Just let us know as soon as possible and we’ll do everything we can to rearrange a new date that suits you.