Family Portrait Photography

Family Photo Session

Your family is your safety net and your pride and joy. Your kids grow up so fast whilst your relationships deepen over time.  You no doubt have photographs of loved ones who have since passed and looking at the pictures brings back a range of emotions. These photographs will in turn be passed onto your children to keep as part of your family history and identity.

sample of location portrait taken at client's favourite park

On location portrait taken at a favourite park

Modern day life makes it difficult to get together with your kids to take time out and just be a family. Try and arrange quality time with the grandparents too and it is even more of a struggle.
A Family Photo Session with Mike Gatiss Photography will capture the precious moments and relationships of your family and the whole experience is a great fun day out for you and your family members to enjoy.

example of studio family portrait

Studio portrait

The beautiful, artistic images you take away will hold a special place in your heart now and will become cherished family heirlooms in time.

What Happens at a Family Photo Session?

The Family Photo Session is all about capturing the range of personalities within your family and the different relationships you have, in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.  We can create your family portraits in your home, at our studio or at a favourite location.  It’s all about having fun and just being yourselves.  I always start by meeting up with you for a pre-shoot consultation so we can talk through the kind of images you’re looking for, who is going to be in the portraits (aunties, uncles, the family dog are all welcome)  what to wear and to discuss any concerns you might have.

On the day of your Family Portrait Shoot I’ll guide you through a variety of poses using different settings and props (feel free to bring your own if the kids have a favourite toy, teddy bear or log) . Then a week or two later I’ll invite you to view your gorgeous portraits at our studio and help you select your favourites.

How long is a Family Photo Session?

A standard session will last around 2 hours so you’ve got time for a couple of outfit changes and lots of different looks.  If you have a particularly large family group we may need to allow more time but I’ll discuss this with you at your pre-shoot consultation.

How many people can attend a Family Photo Session?

There really isn’t any limit to the number of people that can attend although I may recommend a longer session if you have a very large family group or would like lots of outfit changes.

What should we wear to a Family Photo Session?

There isn’t really a right or wrong answer to this.  It really depends on your tastes and what you’re planning on doing with your portraits (Dad should probably leave his Mankini at home if you’re going to have a 30″x40″ canvas hung in the dining room).  I will discuss this in more depth with you at the pre-shoot consultation but I usually advise classic outfits rather than high fashion so that your portraits won’t date as much and try to avoid shiny fabrics as they don’t often photograph well.  Ultimately though, the portraits are about you and your family so it comes down to what represents you and your relationships best.

How much does a Family Photo Session cost?

Our sitting fee is £250, prints start at £125, packages start at £500 and go up from there.

What happens if a family member becomes ill on the day we’ve arranged the Family Photo Session?

Just let us know as soon as possible and we’ll do everything we can to rearrange a new date that suits you.

How do I book my Family Photo Session?

You can us a call on 07973 240188 or leave your details here:-