Baby Portrait Photography

We’ve all had that sinking feeling when our parents drag out the baby photographs to embarrass the life out of us in front of new friends and we can all remember those 18th birthday parties with many of those photos blown up and displayed for all to see, but there is nothing quite like a beautiful baby portrait to soften even the most cynical among us.

You may have your own baby photo album kept somewhere safe in your house that your parents lovingly made up over the years.
Now, as a parent yourself with your own gorgeous bundle of joy – you’ll already have a mountain of photographs on your camera, or lots of snaps on your phone that you keep on meaning to print out and put on display or in an album. Instead, you may have got as far as sharing them on Facebook or uploading them to Google+. It’s not surprising really, babies change so much in the first year it’s no wonder you haven’t had the time to arrange your own album yet, even though you want to make the moments you enjoy with your baby last forever.

A Baby Portrait Session with Mike Gatiss Photography is all about creating beautiful, artistic images that capture the personality of your baby. The images you walk away with can be shared with your friends and family immediately and you will be so proud of the images you have, you will keep on showing them off for years to come.

What Happens at a Baby Portrait Session

Before the session I’ll come and meet you for a pre-shoot consultation to discuss the details of your Baby Portrait Session such as where you’d like the session to take place and we can answer any further questions you might have about the shoot. As with the Newborn Portrait Session, we like to create Baby Portraits in the morning as that is generally the time of day when they are at their happiest. You can come to our studio, meet us at a favourite location or we can come to you. That way you don’t need to drag nappies, wipes and everything else that makes leaving the house with a baby a military operation. Just choose the option that is easiest for you.

We spend a couple of hours making the portraits so there’s plenty of time for costume changes and feel free to bring along favourite toys or any other fun props you’d like to use.

A week or two later I’ll make an appointment with you to view your gorgeous portraits and help you select your favourites.

How long does a Baby Portrait Session last?

Generally a Baby Portrait Session lasts around two hours, but we know and appreciate that we may need to allow time for nappy changes, feeds and costume changes so there’s no rush.

What happens if my baby is feeling really groggy on the day we’ve arranged the Baby Portrait Session?

No problem, just get in touch with us as soon as possible and and we’ll do everything we can to rearrange a new date that suits you.

How to book your Baby Portrait

Call us now on 07973 240188 to book your Baby Portrait Photography Session.