Ethical Photography

There’s nothing worse than the sinking feeling you get when you’ve had a fun professional portrait session, then when you get to choose your favourite images only to find the cost is way out of your range. Okay maybe there is something worse; waking up the next day after being plied with champagne while you’re looking through the images so that by the time the cost is mentioned, you’re not thinking straight and realising that you’ve committed to spending far more than you can afford.

Having a professional portrait created should be an enjoyable experience from start to finish, and the last thing we want is to do anything which leaves a bad taste. You won’t feel good about your portrait and you’re less likely to tell your friends anything good about us so no-one wins. Instead we do business by the following rules with the aim that everyone is happy (except maybe my bank manager).

The Rules

  1. We pledge never to use high-pressure sales techniques. We work with you to choose the package that suits you, not that suits our bank balance.
  2. We don’t offer easy credit terms. You should only spend what you can afford and we’ll keep your images on file so if you want to save for that giant canvas of little Ben you’ve got your heart set on there’s no pressure to make a decision there and then.
  3. We are open and up front about our prices so there are no hidden extras that add three figure sums onto your price. We will not offer discounted portrait sessions with the intention of loading extra profit on the cost of your prints. The price of a 10″x8″ print will be the same whether you had a one hour portrait session or an all day location experience.
  4. We will not try to lower your guard or loosen your cheque book by supplying you with alcohol while you are choosing your images.
  5. If we get it wrong (we are still human), we want to know about it. We will be honest with you about it and work with you to put it right.

We hope these rules emphasise our commitment to giving you a day to remember and images you can enjoy without regrets. If you think we’ve missed something let us know, if not give us a call.